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    Products overview - Download
    Products overview - Download


    Minglie Rank F hydrophobic and oil phobic flat membrane

    ? ? ? ? QF flat hydrophobic and oleo phobic membrane contains two series which are universal series ?and functional series. The main material is PTFE, and reinforced materials are PET or PP. Among them: the universal model is QFS, and the functional model is QFR. The QF series membrane belongs to the micro filtration category.

    ? ? ? ? The pore size range of QF flat hydrophobic and oleo phobic membrane is 0.1010.0 μm, which is approximately normal distribution and clear specification. And it could make membrane have specific surface function by the practice of modified theory of "component-space dual structure effect functional group configuration design, surface topological structure design). The modified membrane can be classified into 8 grades (AATCC118), and the functional products (QFR) with sufficiently capable of rolling down the organic solvents can be prepared according to their application. The modified membrane also has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low air permeability, no volatilization, excellent chemical compatibility and temperature adaptability and other characteristics.?

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