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                PTFE membrane-medical use

                The QB/T 03-2016 standard provides the(important products quality information of medical industry, such as the model preparation, technical requirements, inspection methods and rules of PTFE microporous membrane in medical industry, and it has certain reference value

                PTFE membrane

                The QB/T 01-2013 standard provides the important products quality information, such as the model preparation, technical requirements, inspection methods and rules of PTFE microporous membrane, and it has certain reference value


                Introduces for Minglie rank-F membrane for medical use

                Minglie membrane has many characteristics such as huge surface hole numbers, uniform pore size distribution, specially stable membrane pore structure and surface treatment technology, very economical initial fluxes and contamination levels, excellent environmental tolerance, low or selective adsorption and good after-processing......

                Minglie Rank F hydrophobic and oil phobic flat membrane

                Minglie Rank F flat membrane for medical and health work is formed by three series of functions which are gas, liquid and functional use. Material use PTFE, PVDF is the main body, the reinforcement material is PET or PP.


                XH series membrane for agricultural technology

                As an irrigation membrane, the choice of membrane pore size is mainly concerned with the state of particles in a water source, pollutant composition and the requirement of water balance for membrane irrigation in follow-up irrigation

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