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                Email: mbrmlm@aliyun.com Tel: 021-65045870

                Position: Home Park

                ? ? ? ? Suzhou Minglie Membrane Material Co., LTD., founded in 2012 with the registered capital of 13.8 million RMB. Our legal representative is Mr. Ma Bingrong and the scope of business includes: research and development, production and sales of membrane materials and related products, four technical services and also the import and export business.

                ? ? ? ? Investment scale, land investment: 17853 , the phase I workshop have been invested in 15000 (in total 20000 )

                Industrial park
                Industrial park

                ? ? ? ? Industrial scale: the capacity of functionalized membrane is plan to be 3 million with ten production lines formed. Among them, functionalized membranes for MBR achieved 800000 (hydrophilic/high resistance to pollution), special handling purpose membrane for medical infusion and blood treatment goes to 650000 (low/high adsorption), 150000 comes for super capacitor dedicated membrane (resistance to harsh environment), and special membrane for agriculture ?is 500000 . Besides, the absolute aseptic membrane will be 500000 in all fields of industrial area and special functional separation membrane has 300000, other applications contains 100000 .


                Copyright 2008 ? Shanghai Minglie Science Technology Co,. Ltd ? ICP 08102649? ?