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    Analysis and experiment - Product
    Analysis and experiment - Product

    blobMinglie rank-F flat membrane for agricultural technology is formed by three liquid membrane series which are XH, ZF and TF. Material use PTFE, PVDF being the main body, the reinforcement material is PET or PP. The pore size range is from 0.1 to 5.0μm. The pore size is similar to normal distribution, and have clear specification, also the membrane with specific hole geometry. Modified membrane assures uniform, equality, permanent modification to all holes on the surface of the membrane by chemical method. The performance indicators such as functional group distribution in membrane surface, configuration of chain segment space, micro interface morphology, electrical properties and ionic strength is controllable and stable by functional groups, reaction activity, molecular assembly structure and the design of bonding mode of substrate film. Among them, the opening rate of XH series reach more than 95%,Surface holes reach to 100 million per square centimeter. Full penetration between holes, the fiber network layer by layer, make the membrane having the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, large amount of pollution, good structural strength and so on. ZF and TF have many characteristics such as huge surface hole numbers, uniform pore size distribution, specially stable membrane pore structure and surface treatment technology, and good after-processing. The number of pores on the surface of ZF is more than 1 billion /cm2, which has the characteristics of hydrophilicity and imitation. The three series membranes for agricultural technology have the characteristics of weather ability, low adsorption, resistance to a wide range of pH and added substances, resistant to microbial attack, good pore size distribution and high water permeability, excellent permanent hydrophilicity and good processability. The selection of raw materials, the preparation of the process and the control of the production environment are in accordance with the requirements of agricultural products. Width of the membrane is 520mm. Packaging unit is 1 volume/box or 6 Volumes/box. The product specification implements the open product standards of Minglie, but also undertakes special processing business.

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