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    Electronic communication - Product
    Electronic communication - Product

    blobMinglie rank-F flat membrane for electronic communication has two series of functions which are gas and functional use. Material use PTFE, PVDF being the main body, the reinforcement material is PET or PP. Gas filtration series is KF, and functional filtration series is QF. The pore size range of gas membrane is from 0.1 to 3.0μm, and functional membrane is from 0.03 to 30μm. The pore size is similar to normal distribution, and have clear specification, also the membrane with specific hole geometry. Modified membrane assures uniform, equality, permanent modification to all holes on the surface of the membrane by chemical method. The performance indicators such as? functional group distribution in membrane surface, configuration of chain segment space, micro interface morphology, electrical properties and ionic strength has controllability and stability by functional groups, reaction activity, molecular assembly structure and the design of bonding mode of substrate film. KF membrane can be used for the ultra filtration of gas, can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, particles, etc…QF series is the function of hydrophobic and oil phobic membrane, which can be used for special filtration of gas. Oil level of QF series can be achieved in accordance with the requirements of AATCC118 in 6 ~ 8 degrees, also can adjust the level by customer requests. The selection of raw materials, the preparation of the process and the control of the production environment are in accordance with the requirements of electronic communication products. Width of the membrane is 520mm. Packaging unit is 1 volume/box or 6 Volumes/box. The product specification implements the open product standards of Minglie, but also it undertakes special processing business.

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