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    New energy storage - Product
    New energy storage - Product

    blobMinglie Rank-F flat membrane for energy battery has three series which are TFDG, PFDG and PPDG, membrane materials are PTFE and PP. The TFDG is suitable for more harsh environmental applications, such as super capacitors in aerospace applications. Pore size range of TFDG membrane is from 0.22 to 1.2μm, PFDG is from 2 to 20μm, PPDG is 0.05μm. The pore size of TFDG and PFDG is similar to normal distribution, and has clear specification, also the membrane has specific hole geometry. The membrane is made by chemical method to obtain uniform, average and permanent functional modification. According to the different temperature resistance, the TFDG can withstand the temperature of -50 ℃to 200℃, PFDG and PPDG are about 80℃. After the functional modification to the energy battery membrane, it is highly resistant to sulfuric acid. The membrane has a rich number of surface and uniform pore size distribution, specially stable membrane pore structure and surface treatment technology, which make the membrane have excellent chemical resistance and environmental tolerance. Membrane is in roll and the width is 520mm, the thickness is 60 ~ 500μm. Packaging unit is 1 volume/box or 6 Volumes/box. The product specification implements the open product standards of Minglie, but it also undertakes special processing business.

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