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    Sewage treatment - Product
    Sewage treatment - Product

    Miblobnglie Rank-F flat MBR membrane is composed by four production series which are FF, ZF, VF and YF. Material use PTFE, PVDF being the main body, the reinforcement material is PET or PP. Among them: material of FF series is PVDF, which is a super (micro) filter category; material of ZF/YF series is PTFE, material of VF series is mainly PVDF, both belong to the category of micro filtration. The pore size range of MBR membrane is from 0.02 to 5.0 μm. This is similar to normal distribution, and has clear specification, also the membrane has specific hole geometry. All the pore surfaces of the membrane is to obtain uniform, equal and permanent hydrophilic or functional modification by chemical method. The membrane is electronegative or electropositive; the pore surface of the membrane is highly resistant to pollution. The response of membrane to environmental hydraulic condition is rapid, stable and lasting. Minglie MBR membrane has many characteristics such as huge surface hole numbers, uniform pore size distribution, specially stable membrane pore structure and surface treatment technology, economical water flow energy consumption ratio, excellent environmental tolerance, and easy chemical or physical cleaning. So it is a good MBR membrane which has a good commercial competitiveness. The membrane width is 520mm, the thickness is 180 (100~300) μm, length is 85~400m. Packaging unit is 1 volume/box or 6 Volumes/box. The product specification implements the opening product standards of Minglie, but it also undertakes special processing business.

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