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    Suzhou Minglie Membrane Material Co.,Ltd

    Minglie is a technological enterprise for membrane technology and synthesis technology. It is mainly engaged in the research of membrane, separation material and its function, and the production of polymer micro porous membrane, ultra filtration membrane and functional fiber. Products involved in the transfer of control, screening filtration, adsorption, ion exchange and other separation works, can deal with gas / solid, liquid / solid, gas / liquid, liquid / liquid and other systems,and have the characteristics of realizing the upgrading of traditional technology, the establishment of new advanced technology standards, energy saving and emission reduction, high efficiency, low cost and so on.

    ? ? ? ? Minglie is?technically?based?on the theory system of thefour balance theory - three related principle - double cooperation effect” and membrane modification of “molecular structure design - topological structure design - principle of ultra - micro reactor”. Equipments are based on the continuous membrane making machine, continuous membrane modifying machine and membrane composite machine engineering device. The basis for the production is membranes for medical, public wastage treatment, new energy, industrial process and agricultural science and technology. Since its establishment in 2000, Minglie has always been committed to becoming a professional production and R & D flat film enterprises and providing filtration and purification solutions to customers.

    blobMinglie owns independent innovation of technical theory system, production equipment and ?the?technical?superiority?of the?product?quality. Chairman Professor Ma Bingrong is the senior expert in membrane industry who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, and he has presided over the national and provincial key science and technology project for six times, applied for?ten?patents, published a book "microfiltration technology and its application" and won three?State-class?Technology?Progress?Major Awards, and?three?State-classTechnology Progress Minor Awards.

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